No wonder the world is in such a mess!

To be absolutely truthful to myself and to my readers, I am writing this article out of frustration on the one hand and anger on the other. I therefore urge the readers to be patient and read on.

As everyone is aware, we live in a terrible world, wars, injustice, poverty, famine, illiteracy and impending environmental disasters are just to mention a few perils with which mankind is struggling. Governments and politicians by and large, have their own agenda (usually short term) and do not in any meaningful and effective way, concern themselves with these matters. I shall later in this article give you my reasons and a tangible example of this complete lack of interest which is evidence based and cannot be refuted.

Some time ago, having studied the structure of United Nations Organisation according to which it operates, came to the conclusion that the modus operandi of this most important international institution is based on the worst undemocratic and dictatorial criteria. I therefore decided to start a worldwide campaign in order to bring this fact to the attention of all the peace and freedom loving people through our Website (

I have written to various people of high position in this regard and have received some responses which are self explanatory and can be refered to on our website.

For the sake of brevity, I now refer to my recent effort in this connection, the disastrous results of which have made me both angry and frustrated.

As you might know the united nation organisation has 192 member states and they all have their embassies in the United Kingdom. I have written to all of their ambassadors by registered post, explaining the situation and requesting them to reflect upon my suggestion and through their respective governments decide on the relevant course of action in order to try and improve matters. I am sure that you will all be amazed, as I was, that out of the 192 “excellencies” (!) only three took the time and trouble to reply. The rest, 189 did not even have the courtesy to acknowledge the receipt of my letter which was signed by me as the founder and the coordinator of this campaign.

What does this attitude signify? And what conclusion one can draw from this deliberate lack of interest in the subject matter which I believe is extremely important and if properly implemented has a tremendous impact on the lives of all the human beings on this earth. This fundamental and crucial matter could eventually revolutionise the way in which the entire world is governed and would improve the lives of millions of the ordinary and innocent people. I sincerely hope that this one example as has been briefly outlined proves my point and answers to some extent the semi-question raised in the title to this article.

Following my previous endeavours with which I hope you will become familiar through my site I wrote an article about the whole subject which has been published in English in “Persian Weekly” in England and “Tehran Times” in Iran.

Allow me to emphasise here and now that although I am by birth an Iranian and a Muslim -about which I owe no apologies to anyone-, but I have started this campaign as a human being and regardless of any differences in those areas, this has been purely and solely based on humanitarian grounds.

In passing, it is quite interesting and sad that the “Iranian ambassador” was amongst those who totally ignored my letter!

In closing, I would like to paraphrase the famous sentence by the late and always respected Doctor Martin Luther king who said “I have a dream!” His dream if not entirely, but to some extent became reality by the election of the President Barak Obama in USA.

I hope that my dream too, which is based entirely on truth and justice, will sooner or later  materialise and become reality and then, perhaps the world would be a better place for everyone in which to live.

Ala Amirshahi
The founder and co coordinator of
Democratise UN

All your comments, criticisms and suggestions will be most welcome.

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