An injustice to one person in one place of the world is a threat to justice to everyone everywhere in the world.

Dr. Martin Luther King

Welcome to Democratise UN

The United Nation’s organization with its present charter is most undemocratic. The Security Council’s resolutions with the existence of the veto right have proved meaningless and unenforceable in many cases. The first step in the right direction is to restructure this organization primarily through the abolition of Veto Right  and complete change in its voting system.

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That subjects has been underway at the united nations for some time and measures to streamline the Organization have been introduces, but the matter remains under discussion. The Secretary General has emphasized that the United Nations in only meaningful if it is effective and relevant… Read More
António Guterres
While we appreciate the purpose of your query, please be advised that Security Council reform has been under discussion for some time. However there is no agreement on how this could be achieved and in order for this to happen the UN charter would need to be reformed… Read More
Ban Ki-Moon
(From our letter to Obama)…In closing sir, you yourself proved that dreams if based on truth and justice will one day materialize and become reality. we are therefore hopeful that our dream as outlined, will one day become reality and then, perhaps mankind can live in a better and a more just world. … Read More
Barak Obama
I think your concerns are entirely appropriate. The UN should be democratized… Read More
 Noam Chomsky
I have long favoured the reform of the UN and fully support the need to democratize the United Nations…Read More
Tony Benn
It’s very difficult to decline invitations such as yours, but it’s an unfortunate inevitability … Read More
Al Gore
We appreciate the opportunity to review your request and learn about your organization’s mission. While we understand the importance of your work,  … Read More
Bill Gates


I firmly and sincerely believe that the abolition of this outrageous right (VETO) along with and simultaneous to a complete restructuring of the united nations charter and its voting systems both in the general assembly and the security council must be undertaken  and this is in any case inevitable. Read more…

Ala Amirshahi
Founder and co-ordinator democratise UN