The absurdity of the existence of the VETO RIGHT and the necessity for its abolition for the five permanent members of the Security Council.

Whatever the circumstances, some sixty years ago, the victors of the Second World War with some other nations decided to establish an International organization in order to ensure world peace.

Gradually the Security Council, as the most important body in the United Nations, comprising of fifteen member states, was formed and Veto Right for five permanent members (America, Russia, China, England &France) has been in operation which is in itself not only undemocratic but also unjust.

At present there are 192 number member states and only one of the permanent members through implementation of Veto Right can in effect negate the unanimous decision of the rest of the world and one wonders in the 21st century how can these arrangements be justified.

The Security Council’s resolution are considered meaningless and unenforceable precisely because of the existence of Veto Right and many countries regard them as worthless pieces of paper.

The anachronism and ridiculousness of the existence of Veto Right and the dangers that this fact create in the world is so obvious that it needs no further explanation

The abolition of this outrageous right along with and simultaneous to a complete restructuring of the United Nations charter and its voting system is inevitable and must be undertaken.

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